Certified Disciplined Agile Instructor Program

Being a Certified Disciplined Agile Instructor (CDAI) indicates that you are a trusted expert with significant proficiency at Disciplined Agile.

The certification indicates that you are a current Practitioner or Coach able to assist other people in disciplined agile strategies and advise organizations in the adoption and tailoring of Disciplined Agile.  We take the responsibility to represent the Disciplined Agile Consortium as an instructor very seriously.  As such the evaluation program is rigorous.

 Qualifications & Prerequisites

 Benefits for our Certified Instructors

  • Instructor must be a minimum Certified Disciplined Agile Practitioner (CDAP) or a Certified Disciplined Agile Coach  (CDAC) in good standing


  • Promotion of DA workshops on Disciplined Agile Consortium (DAC) Website and via Twitter

  • Minimum 5 years hands-on delivery of Agile projects, 2 years of which are with Disciplined Agile, with three references


  • You are promoted on the certification website as a Certified Instructor
  • Experience teaching


  • DAC will provide training referrals when/where opportunities arise
  • Every workshop certified to teach must be first co-taught with a Disciplined Agile Fellow unless they have attended an Instructor Certification Workshop.  We want our instructors to understand the workshop materials clearly and as such expect instructors to participate in a class taught by a DAC Fellow


  • DAC will provide standardized workshop materials with frequent updates
  • Instructor’s company is responsible for DA Fellow’s expenses and daily rate for co-taught workshop



 Responsibilities of Instructors

 Responsibilities of DAC

  • To submit a one page summary sign-in sheet to the DAC within one day of completing workshop


  • To provide follow up workshop survey
  • Unless engaged as a subcontractor, responsible for facilities and any other related expenses such as travel


  • To provide electronic workshop certificates to attendees
  • To print and supply their own workshop and marketing materials


  • To provide consolidated feedback to instructors

 Licensing Fee

 Royalties per Student

  • Australia, Canada, Europe, UK, USA ~ $800 USD annually, payable in advance  [reduced by 10% if a publishable case study is submitted and approved by Disciplined Agile the previous year]


  • Australia, Canada, Europe, UK, USA ~ $75 USD per day per student
  • All other countries ~ $400 USD annually, payable in advance [reduced by 10% if a publishable case study is submitted and approved by Disciplined Agile the previous year]


  • All other countries ~ $50 USD per day per student
  • This fee helps pay for updated course materials as Disciplined Agile evolves
  • The Royalties help pay for certificates, Certified Disciplined Agile tests, marketing, Administration




  • Instructors will use DAC endorsed course materials
  • No change is permitted to course materials without written permission from DAC
  • Certified instructors are required to provide feedback on the materials
  • All course materials are copyrighted by Disciplined Agile Consortium
  • Once certified, each instructor is allowed to teach as many sessions of training as they want.  However, we expect our students to enjoy a high-quality learning experience, therefore we discourage overly large class sizes.  Our class size is typically 15, but will allow up to 20.  More than 20 students makes it difficult to run effective exercises.  You are free to charge whatever registration fees are reasonable in your area, to cover not only the cost of the instructor and room rental but also training materials and royalties.

For more information on becoming an Instructor, please see how to become a Certified Disciplined Agile Instructor (CDAI)

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