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September 2018

June 2018

September 2018

After an extremely busy and successful summer, we are back with news on how Disciplined Agile is evolving, where you can meet up with other Disciplined Agile professionals and how our membership is growing.

We are extremely pleased to announce four new members accepted to the Disciplined Agile Advisory Council.  We look forward to including their ideas based on their experience with DA as we continue to evolve:

Karen Lewis, CDAP

Giles Lindsay, CDA

Aldo Rall, CDAP

David Shapiro, CDAC

Following the success of DADay2018, we launched a summer education series for Agile practitioners new to Disciplined Agile.  DAConversations is a free online learning series focusing on different aspects of Disciplined Agile.  All the resources are available to the public - thank you to those who engaged in our Q&A sessions.

Coming this fall is an education series for executives.  The DA Boardroom focuses on providing executives the knowledge, resources and skills to expand the proven benefits of Disciplined Agile across the organization.  Join us September 12th - and feel free to bring a guest.

Active Members - Have you been previewing and providing feedback on excerpts for our new book: Choose Your WOW!  A Disciplined Agile Delivery Handbook for Optimizing Your Way of Working. Feedback closes soon.  See our Sneak Previews!

Disciplined Agile continues to be industry’s fastest growing enterprise framework, made possible by your efforts to learn, get certified and implement DA in your organizations.  This past spring, the results from The 12th Annual State of Agile SurveyTM by VersionOne stated "The scaling approach that saw the largest increase in reported use since last year is the Disciplined Agile Framework (DA) ..."  We expect to gain an even greater presence in this year's survey, which is now running.  Please take a few minutes to complete The 13th Annual State of Agile SurveyTM.  If you use Disciplined Agile principles, please select DAD for the question on agile approaches and methods. Getting named as the most popular choice in the survey would be a great recognition for the collective efforts of our Disciplined Agile community.

Message from Mark & Scott

We are pleased and honoured to be sponsoring several conferences this fall throughout the USA, UK and Italy - if you are attending conferences in Portland, New York, London, Italy please attend our session and drop by to chat and have your book signed.  Check our Speaking Engagements Calendar to see if we are sponsoring or speaking at your event.


Mark & Scott

We welcome your feedback and your comments related to Certification, Membership and the evolution of Disciplined Agile.

Feel free to Contact Us anytime.

JUNE 2018

It has been a while since our last newsletter, and we have been busy!

DA DAY on 15th May brought together leading experts, practitioners and customers to share best practices, success stories and introduce new techniques, learning materials and tools.  The demo for the in-progress DA Tool Suite was well received.

THANK YOU Speakers, Panelists and Attendees for making our conference a smashing success.

DA Day Resources are available!

·       If you registered for DA Day 2018, once you log in you will have access to all resources.

·       If you have an Active Membership, once you log in you will have access to the Q&A recordings.

·       Missed attending? Until June 30, you may receive access to these resources by requesting a Post-Conference Registration.

Following the success of DADay2018 we are launching a summer education series for Agile practitioners new to Disciplined Agile.

DAConversations is a free online learning series focusing on different aspects of Disciplined Agile.  This is the perfect time to bring co-workers, team members and those you would like to be on your team to an introduction to all things DAD.  Each session begins with a 30-minute presentation, followed by a 30-minute Q&A session.

AgileOpenCanada was a great learning experience in a relaxed atmosphere.  Thank you to all the volunteers who organized this event in Banff, AB - we look forward to next year's event in Vancouver, BC.

Active Members - Did you receive the opportunity to preview and provide feedback on excerpts for our new book: The Disciplined Agile Delivery Handbook: How to Own Your Agile Process? New excerpts continue to be added - we are looking for your feedback to include in our next book.  See our Sneak Previews!

Message from Mark & Scott

We are thrilled to be heading to the Business Agility Conference 2018 in South Africa on July 17, hosted by IndigoCube, a Certified Disciplined Agile Bronze Partner, where we will speak about business agility. This presentation is aimed at business people curious about modern management practices for the digital enterprise and how that affects all divisions from HR to Finance, Marketing and the rest.

If you are attending Public Events this fall, check our Events Calendar to see if we are sponsoring or speaking at your event.  We are attending several conferences in South Africa, the UK, Canada and the USA from July to November.  We invite everyone at the conference to attend our talks, then stay and chat after the session.  We hope to see you!


Mark Scott

Friday, May 25, new data privacy laws — the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — came into effect across the European Union. These laws provide consumers with more control over their personal data.  We at Disciplined Agile Consortium and DisciplinedAgileDelivery.com have always respected your right to privacy.  We did take this opportunity to review our policies. You may review our updated Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, which are accessed from the Home page.

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We welcome your feedback and your comments related to Certification, Membership, Partnership and the evolution of Disciplined Agile.

See the June 2018 newsletter here.

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