Increased throughput, reduced code complexity, less production incidents, shorter deployment cycles and higher happiness in teams; these are some of the benefits that the agile transformation at Barclays has delivered. Within the first year of the transformation, which is based on the Disciplined Agile approach, more than 800 teams adopted agile making this one of the largest agile implementations.

InfoQ interviewed Jonathan Smart, Agility Capability Lead across Barclays, and Ian Dugmore, Product Owner for the central agile adoption team, about the agile transformation at Barclays. We asked them why Barclays decided to implement agile, how they selected which agile framework to use, how targets where impacted by agile, how they dealt with different ways in which teams are doing agile, what Barclays has done to increase their agility, and the benefits that agile has brought to Barclays.

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