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Fall Enterprise World Conference 2015



October 16 2015


Presenter:  Rod Bray               

Keynote:  Agile Governance in Organizations

Governance, Phases, and Milestones, are not Agile Dirty Words!

Despite claims to the contrary, the need for governance does not disappear for agile projects. Your project sponsors have a right to know the status of the health and risk of their investments. But trying to blend traditional agile methods such as Scrum with traditional stage gate approaches can cause frustration for both project teams and their stakeholders. Disciplined Agile provides straightforward and common sense ideas for applying governance in a lightweight fashion for agile projects. Disciplined Agile has been adopted organization-wide in some very large companies and in many cases the primary motivations have been related to its hybrid method approach as well as the built-in governance that it provides. In this talk Rod reviews the four Disciplined Agile lifecycles along with their associated phases and milestones. He will explain which milestones are highly recommended vs those that are considered optional. Rod will show how a lightweight Vision statement created in Inception can be used as a governance mechanism for moderating uncontrolled change that often happens on agile projects. 

Fall Enterprise World Conference 2015

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